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Realtors have access to website lead generation tools through their local board. They can add residential listings to their website easily by subscribing to the MLS and IDX. If their board doesn't supply an IDX, there are numerous MLS & IDX data feed companies that offer a solution.

Our Apartment IDX is the only automated solution for companies who want to work with renters. Every renter who arrives at your website has already been to apartments.com or other national rental website. Our Apartment IDX tools allow your apartment locating website to offer a similar user experience and convert more leads.

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Apartment Listings

Fully Customizable Website Tools For Apartment Locators

You don't share website tools with any other locator, customize all of your tools exactly the way you want.

Apartment Map

Includes every apartment in your city but is fully customizable through your Apartment IDX dashboard. After you log in you have access to your global apartment list where you can blacklist any property for any reason. You do not share a map with any other locator; the changes you make to your map are unique only to your map. The name and address of the apartments and the Google points of interest have been removed. The only way a prospect can obtain additional information is to fill out the lead capture form on each map dot. The price displayed on the map dot is updated daily through our electronic data feed.

Apartment Map

Apartment Grid

The apartment grid adds searchable apartment listings to any apartment locating website with a simple navigation button. If you are using an online website builder such as Web.com, Wix, GoDaddy or SquareSpace you cannot import searchable apartment listings. You may not have the time or desire to create native apartment listings on your website, so we created the apartment grid to give you the functionality without the expense. The grid is fully customizable through your Apartment IDX dashboard. After you log in you have access to your global apartment list where you will select the properties to show on your grid. The apartment name and address has been removed, and every listing has a lead capture form. Easily post your grid and searchable listings to your social media. We also offer an Apartment List which has the same featured but is displayed in a list instead of a gallery.

Apartment Gallery/Grid

Apartment Listings

Website listings are the core of generating online leads. Realtors post their MLS listings on their website, and now apartment locators can post apartment listings with our Apartment IDX. We have a couple of different ways to publish the listings based on the type of website you own. Importing the listings in a WordPress website will deliver the best SEO power, but if that isn't possible, we have an online option that can be used with any website platform (including online website builders). After you log in, you have access to your global apartment list where you can select any property and turn it into an apartment listing. You can post the listing to any social media channel or apartment ad. If you have a WordPress website we recommend WP All Import to import your apartment listings.

Real Estate Apartment Listings


Most of our locator clients close $3,000 - $5,000 in RentLinx leads per month. The cost of a RentLinx account is $169/month with a 30 day free trial. By the end of the 30 days, you should have generated more than enough leads to see a profit. Rentlinx.com is a third party listing service for rental ads. You can create ads on their system and they will publish your ads to various rental websites. Renters will contact you directly from your ads through both phone and email. To manually create your ads on RentLinx.com will waste several weeks of your free trial, so we can connect your global apartment list to your RentLinx account to import your ads electronically. After you log in you have access to your global apartment list where you will choose which properties to publish to your RentLinx ads. The pricing on your ads is updated every morning electronically to keep your ads on the top of the search results.

Social Media Posts

Creating social media posts is very time consuming. Without help, most apartment locators get busy and don't post for extended periods of time. Our social media poster will take care of this for you. We will schedule your posts in advance and drip them to your Facebook business page every 30 days. You write custom captions and hashtags for each post, and every post is linked back to your website for maximum SEO value. If you have a small website with only a few pages, you don't want to publish the same 5-6 pages over and over. Our Apartment Grid and Apartment List will give you an extra 50-60 apartment listings to publish in addition to your 5-6 website pages. That way your social media audience never gets bored.

Locating Social Media Poster

CRM & Lead Auto Emails

All of our tools are linked to our CRM and can send automated follow up emails to every lead. When a prospect fills out any contact form on the apartment map, apartment grid, apartment listing, your website, or RentLinx ad, they will receive an email from you instantly. One of the biggest benefits of a lead funnel is that the system should automate as many follow up tasks as possible to free up your time. Our CRM can send up to 14 follow up emails, we even provide 14 sample email templates to start with. Every email goes out from your email address and your logo/branding to improve lead conversion rates. You can download your leads in excel to import them into a third party system or we can set up your CRM to integrate directly with MailChimp or Followup Boss. The popularity of webhooks on Zapier.com makes integrating our CRM with any of your existing tools a breeze.

We build apartment locating websites

Every business owner in the world must have an online presence because that's how consumers make decisions. Your online presence contributes to 80% of your lead generation. Every prospect is researching your company online, reading your LinkedIn page, and Yelp/Google reviews.

The author responsible for the online perception and reputation of your company is you, but Google gives out the report cards. Google is your number 1 client but generating leads is your number 1 responsibility.

You cannot undervalue the importance of a professional website that meets the Google webmaster guidelines. Our website development checklist has over 70 items to make sure we follow Google standards for every client. As a small business owner we understand you have a budget, but we also know a multitude of ways to lose money while building a website.

Our company mission is to help apartment locators make more money. All of our tools are designed for that purpose.