Searchable apartment listings on any website

Easily add searchable apartment listings with an apartment map, data feed, or design a full apartment locating website with WordPress.

Searchable apartment listings on any website

Every apartment in our database is updated electronically every night at midnight. We aggregate the data and then distribute it to our clients on their custom schedule.

How is the data updated?

We subscribe to regional and national data feeds that update our database daily.

Do your products increase SEO?

The apartment idx map will not increase SEO by itself; you will need to write content for that website page. The xml data feed will increase SEO automatically.

Do your products work with every website?

Our apartment idx map works with every website. Our xml apartment data feed works with database driven websites like WordPress, but not with sites like Wix.

How do I receive the leads?

Every lead is delivered to your email with the contact information and the name of the property.

Will you install the products on my website?

Yes, we provide a free 30 minute installation service. However, it's as easy as copy/paste so you can also do it yourself.

Can I customize your products?

Yes. Every client has their own custom copy of the apartment idx so you can fully customize it to your requirement.

Manage all of your leads and property listings, in one place

Every client has their own custom Apartment IDX database with a user name and password to control your products, view your leads, and set up your email auto-responder.

About Us

We help apartment locators and real estate agents generate rental leads

Our products allow real estate agents to provide searchable apartment listings on their website.

Every renter, at some point in their apartment search, has searched pricing and availability on We help apartment locators and real estate agents provide a similar search experience on their individual websites.

What We Do Best

No one can build an apartment locating website faster or more precisely...

...because we are lucky enough to have all the tools in-house. We have the WordPress theme, we have the data and images, and we have the experience of launching over 50 apartment locating brands.

There are thousands of WordPress developers that will give you a cheap quote and a quick turn around just to get your business. BUYER BEWARE!  If the developer has never built an apartment locating website previously, you will most likely incur months of delays and requests for more money. We give you a streamlined process with easy checklists, and a proven timeline to launch your new website.

Trusted Design
Trusted Design

WordPress is the #1 website platform. It’s stable, flexible and easy to customize. There is an infinite number of plug-ins to extend the functionality of our theme. There is literally nothing we can’t create for your site. No two sites look the same; we build each look and feel custom to your brand.

Accurate Data
Accurate Data

Our apartment database is updated every night at midnight. Our image library is constantly updated so you get the best photos. Each client gets their own custom apartment database, so you can pick and choose the properties you want featured on your website. No two clients share the same database.

Search Tools
Search Tools

We can build apartment search tools into your website similar to or any other idea you have for your site. All of our products are optional; you are not required to purchase our apartment map or data feed. However, if you plan on using our products, we can easily install them during the design process.

Apartment Map

Searchable Apartment Listings

A searchable apartment map with real time pricing like Zillow and

Give your website visitors an easy apartment search, similar to national apartment websites like Zillow and The rent on the map is updated every night at midnight. When you add the map to your website, and follow our installation instructions, your map can easily become the number one visited page on your site. The map can be installed on your website in less than 15 minutes, and it works on any website.

  • Rent updated on the map every night at midnight.
  • Pick and choose the apartments you want to display. Remove any property from your map for any reason.
  • All points of interest are removed from the map so the name of the apartment is hidden.
  • Website visitors search by bedroom type. If a renter needs a one bedroom - no reason to show them two bedroom apartments.
  • Lead capture form on every apartment, delivered to your email. Email-autoresponder available.
  • Several customizations available for the pop-up info window on each map dot.
  • 100% mobile responsive.
Apartment Map

Our Pricing & Packages

Every client has their own custom Apartment IDX database with a user name and password to control your products, view your leads, and set up your email auto-responder.

Apartment IDX Map
$ 149


  • Easy to install on any website.
  • Free installation by our staff.
  • Free Apartment IDX account.
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Website Maintenance
$ 249


  • SSL website hosting and tech support.
  • Data Feed with daily website pricing.
  • Apartment IDX Map.
  • Online lead generation.
  • Free Apartment IDX account.
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XML Data Feed
$ 299


  • One-time set up fee of $499.
  • Fully customizable.
  • Testing feed & documentation.
  • No limits on number of imports.
  • Free Apartment IDX account.
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Trusted by these apartment locating companies

We've been passionate about building technology and apartment databases for apartment locators since 2005. We are honored to have worked with some of the most successful apartment locating brands during the past 15 years.

Apartment World
Apartment World

To say that Rental Advisors and Jodi Southwick are the ``wind beneath my wings`` sounds corny, but it is pretty darn accurate. I do what I do extremely well (finding people rentals in the greater Houston area), but I am not really an internet guru or social media marketing expert. Jodi is both of those things, and so much more. I would say that easily 1/3 of my annual revenue can be traced back to Jodi Southwick. She is the secret ingredient in my my business recipe!

Tirey Counts - Apartment World
Apartment Leasing Center
Apartment Leasing Center

Jodi is highly respected in her industry and shows sincere interest in her clients. She recognizes the strengths and weakness of her clients and reaches out to help them to initiate creative ideas and to also think 'outside the box'. Jodi is very clever and imaginative and she is always experimenting with new programs to help her continue to grow and improve so she can help her clients to do the same. She excels at developing programs and websites and is skilled at turning problems into opportunities. Jodi and I have an effective working relationship and I would recommend her service to anyone. She is a wonderful person with a caring attitude.

Kathi Bell - Apartment Leasing Center
David The Locator
David The Locator

Jodi is the consummate professional and an expert in her filed of knowledge and service. She is focused and gets great results and I am truly blessed to know her and to be able to benefit from her expertise.

David Moore - David The Locator
DASH Realty
DASH Realty

I've been working with Rental Advisors since 2017 and Jodi has recreated my apartment locating brand into a sophisticated luxury website in Dallas. I constantly get compliments about the richness of my website, and how it represents my brand accurately. I am not a tech savvy person and working with Jodi I don't need to be. She runs everything in the background and sends me status reports as needed. When I hired her I had a single landing page, now I have an online lead funnel that generates leads.

Thomas Edwin - DASH Realty
Griffin Realty & Associates - Griffin Apartment Locating
Griffin Realty & Associates - Griffin Apartment Locating

Jodi is one of the most innovative and creative minds in the apartment industry. She works hard to not only make my business work effectively and efficiently, but others in our industry just like myself too. Her attention to details are awesome and effective. She will take the time time to go over the best ways to make changes that will affect not only my business, but the apartment industry as well. She is trustworthy, committed and does what She says she is going to do. She is a real superstar...and I'm glad she's on my team.

Keith Griffin -Griffin Realty & Associates - Griffin Apartment Locating

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