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Apartment IDX Map 1 Bed

Apartment IDX - One Bedroom Floor Plan Map

See it in action! Click on one of the map points or cluster points below.

Daily Rent Displayed

Each map point shows the starting rent for a one bedroom apartment at each apartment community. Renters can zoom in and zoom out and see exactly how much rent they can expect to pay in each neighborhood. They can locate their work or school on the map and search for properties close by. If they prefer a specific commute to work, they can search for apartments along their desired route. If a desired area is too expensive for their budget, they can easily scroll the map to an alternate neighborhood that is more affordable.

How Often Is The Rent Updated?

The Apartment IDX is updated electronically during the night. Unfortunately rental rates are not published as efficiently as hotel prices or airline prices, so it's a fairly complex process to update our database. Luckily, data is what our company does best. We unify all of our data sources into a single data feed and pump the information directly to your custom map.

Does The Apartment IDX Increase SEO?