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Apartment IDX Map 2 Bed

Apartment IDX - Two Bedroom Floor Plan Map

See it in action! Click on one of the map points or cluster points below.

Does The Map Increase SEO?

Yes, but not in the form of content. The map is installed on your website with an iFrame, which is tech speak for a small piece of code you copy and paste onto a page. We did it this way intentionally because we wanted the map to be easy to install and compatible with any website. However, Google does not index data on your website that comes from an iFrame. The Apartment IDX is one tool in your SEO tool box. It will dramatically increase the average time spent on your website. The average increase was from 3 minutes to 12 minutes. This is an important matrix to Google Analytics. Most importantly, it engages renters who visit your website, and communicates credibility in your service by giving them the information they want fast. If a renter is looking for an apartment but your website doesn't display searchable apartments, they aren't going to convert to a lead. It's that simple.

How Can I Improve SEO On My Website?

Add new and unique content to your website every month. The Apartment IDX will add value to your website instantly because your website visitors will LOVE it! Similar to a new product launch for a tech company, or a new model for a car company, announcing your new search tool to your email database and social media followers will generate new traffic. Launching a drip email campaign to previous clients about the Apartment IDX and asking for referrals will generate new leads. Your email database combined with the power of your website, is your biggest revenue generating asset. Spend 4 hours every week adding new content and tools to your website then drip that new content to your email database consistently, and you will improve SEO. GUARANTEED! (And it's free!)

Why Three Maps Instead Of One?