Minneapolis Apartment Map

The Minneapolis apartment map contains 553 apartments throughout the mextroplex. The apartment map is the easiest way to add searchable apartments to your apartment locating website.

We provide provide tips to drive traffic to your apartment map. Adding 500 to 3000 words to the webpage where the map is displayed is very important for SEO value, as well as sending out an email blast and posting to your social media. It’s important to show your rental prospects that you work with every apartment in your area, and that you know the inventory. Our apartment map will communicate that to your website visitors and generate online rental leads. If you are looking for new ways to generate apartment locator leads of renters looking for an apartment in your area, the Apartment Map is a low cost simple solution.

When you purchase a map, you create a username and password so you can access and control the apartments displayed on your map. You can remove properties that don’t work with locators or specific properties you don’t want to send referrals. Each map point has a lead capture form and the contact information is sent to any email address you want, or multiple people on your team. We have three map point design options for you to choose from. The map is built on the latest Google mapping API and is 100% mobile responsive. The Apartment IDX map is the easiest way to add searchable apartments to your website, and it shows your website visitors that you work with every apartment in Minneapolis, and you know the inventory in your area. The Minneapolis apartment map is easy to install on any website. We provide written and video instructions, but our team can also help you if need assistance. Installation should only take a couple of minutes.