Apartment Map with lead capture

Generate rental leads from your website with our Apartment IDX map. Control the apartments displayed on your map by logging in to ApartmentIDX.info. Choose one of four info window options. Each lead is delivered to your inbox.

  • Search by bedroom and price range.
  • 100% Mobile Responsive.
  • Property name is hidden.
  • Points of interest and cross streets are removed from the map.
  • Several customizations to adjust the zoom and lead capture form.

*If your requirement needs to show apartment names, we have that option. Style 2: Show Property Names

Style 1: Pop-Up Window with Property Name Removed (Default)

Filter by Bedroom and Price Range

The Map Is Easy To Install On Any Website

We provide a code that is easily copy and pasted onto a page of your website. Our staff is available to install it for you if needed.

Style 3: Full Listing Displayed In The Info Window

Apartment Map with Full Listing in the Info Window

You have the option to display a full listing in the info window, which gives your website visitors more information about the property. The full listing includes a lead capture form, just like the pop-up option.

Style 4: Full Listing Displayed In A New Tab

You have the option to display a full listing in a new tab instead of the info window. This provides a larger display but it's still 100% mobile responsive.

Apartment Map where clients create their own Favorites

Website visitors are required to register, and then they can add their favorite properties to a list that is emailed to them. You receive an email when they register, and you can see the list they create in your CRM.

Style 5: Clients Register & Create Their Own List of Favorites.

Filter by Bedroom and Price Range

Add favorite properties to a list

View the list and receive a copy via email

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I install the map on my website?

We provide written and video instructions for you to create a page on your website and copy/paste the code. OR you can give us administrative access to your website and one of our staff will install it for you.

Does it work on any website?

Yes. The Apartment IDX map is a copy and paste code that can be added to any website page.

Is there a set up fee?

Not usually. If you purchase an Apartment IDX map for one of our existing markets, there is no set up fee. It's a monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any time. If you need a map in a new area, we may quote you a set up fee.

Do you offer a discount for multiple Apartment IDX Maps?

Yes. We offer a 10% discount.

How many apartments are on the map?

We add every apartment in the database to the map. You will have a username and password to control your map so you can remove any apartment for any reason by logging in.

How is the rent updated on the Apartment IDX Map?

We purchase data feeds that are updated electronically every night, 7 days a week.

How often is the rent updated?

Every night at midnight.

Can I customize the map?

Yes. We've created some popular options to use your logo and your branding. However, we might be able to accommodate custom requests if needed.

The Apartment IDX Map can quickly become the #1 web traffic tool on your website.