Drip Marketing

Rental Lead Autoresponder

Your website should act as a lead funnel that qualifies and converts your leads from all advertising sources. The first tool in the automation process is your email autoresponder. The Apartment IDX autoresponder includes:

  • A custom email written by you from your email address (not ours - less spam). We set up your email address in our system and you click through a confirmation in your inbox that gives our system permission to use your email address. When the autoresponder is sent to all of your leads, they see your email address (not ours) which has a higher conversion rate.
  • The email format is mobile responsive and it contains your company logo that begins the nurturing process during the awareness/informational stage.
  • Email #1 - an instant email as soon as they fill out a lead capture form.
  • Email #2 - 24 hours later
  • Email #3 - 24 hours later
  • Email #4 - 24 hours later
  • Email #5 - 48 hours later

How beneficial are email autoresponders for nurturing leads and generating sales?

  • Apartment locators that use email to nurture leads generate 50% more deals at 33% lower cost because the emails are written in advance and sent automatically. (Forrester Research)
  • 92% of first time website visitors haven't made a decision to use a locator. They are most likely using several rental websites and apps. You can't expect loyalty when they don't know anything about your company. At this stage, they are conducting research and are simply interested in receiving more information about your company and how you can help. (Episerver)
  • Nurtured leads produce a 20% average increase in conversion rates compared to non-nurtured leads. (Forrester Research)
  • Nurtured leads are 47% more inclined to use a locator. (Annuitas)

Building rapport and organically nurturing leads with email autoresponders

Email marketing provides a simple way to automate interactions with online leads that builds rapport and establishes your locating company as a trusted authority in the area. The initial time investment to set up an email marketing campaign is minimal, and you can optimize the autoresponders over time to maximize results.

An email autoresponder is a tool that sends automated, scheduled emails, written in advance to renters that submit a lead capture form on your website. Our autoresponder sends out 5 emails over the first 7 days to keep your leads engaged. Our long term drip email system can send an email once a month to your entire lead database to continue to nurture leads long term.

The process of walking a new online lead from your Apartment IDX map to a signed lease is known as lead nurturing. Lead nurturing is developing a relationship with your website visitors and walking them through the journey. According to Annuitas, nurtured leads are 47% more inclined to use your service. In the rental industry, apartment locators are competing with other online information sources such as national rental websites. When a renter fills out the lead capture form on your Apartment IDX, they are simply gathering information. Our drip marketing email autoresponders walk your prospects from gathering information to building trust in your service.

  • Step 1: Awareness Stage - At this stage prospects are simply interested in receiving more information about your company, service, and how you can help. The first email should convey that you understand their pain points and subtly offer a solution.
  • Step 2: Consideration Stage - At this stage your prospect should have a clear understanding of your company and service and are moving toward a verbal commitment. The goal of your emails is to position your service as the best solution to helping them find an apartment.
  • Step 3: Decision Stage - In the decision stage, your prospect is aware of the difficulty in finding an apartment and knows your service can help them solve it. They are most likely still conducting online research, but have agreed to receive your list and put your name down on the guest card and application.