The Apartment IDX map will immediately increase engagement and the average time spent on your website.

The longer a renter stays on your website, the more likely they will fill out a lead capture form. They will fill out a lead capture form if you give them valuable information.

Let's compare your Realtor counter part. Suppose a home buyer is looking for a Realtor. They search Google and start clicking on websites. They find a Realtor in their area with many years of experience, but the website doesn't have a list of homes for sale. Although the website is beautiful and reached page one of Google search results, it doesn't give the home buyer the information they need. How long do you think they stay on the website before they hit the 'back' button? Research says 10 seconds. The same is true for renters searching for an apartment. If you don't offer a list of apartments for rent, they aren't going to stay on your website.

Realtors have known the importance of searchable data for a decade

Practically every real estate board provides their MLS to Realtors through an IDX website plug-in. The demand is so high, there are 40+ independent third-party IDX apps for Realtor websites. Realtors know basic buyer's psychology; if your website doesn't provide the product a customer needs, they move on to the next competing website. It's critical you provide the information renters need the first time because research proves they aren't coming back.

The apartment locating industry is highly competitive; your website needs to be fierce!

The dominance of national rental websites and the creation of apartment mobile apps has changed online expectations. If you want your website to generate online rental leads, you must provide searchable apartments. We created the Apartment IDX to give apartment locators the same technology national rental websites use.

Our parent company, Rental Advisors has the only apartment database designed exclusively for apartment locators that is updated daily through electronic data feeds. Each apartment locator gets their own custom copy of the Apartment IDX; you aren't sharing with other apartment locators.

The Apartment IDX can be installed on your website within a few days, transforming your apartment locating website into a searchable database of apartments. Using your social media and email database to drive traffic to your site, you will see an immediate improvement in your Google Analytics.

If you execute a marketing campaign to drive traffic to your site, it will generate leads quickly. If you close just one deal a month, the Apartment IDX pays for itself. It's not a business expense, it's a revenue generator.

It's simply not feasible for apartment locators to create a searchable map on their own. Manually creating an apartment database to feed the map would take 4-6 months. Keeping the prices updated is an impossible task. And the development cost to hire someone to create the map would be enormous.