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Social Media Poster

Social Media Poster

Google is transparent about the importance of social signals. It's like sending a text directly to Google about your website. Adding fresh content to your social media pages each week is the easiest way to drive traffic. All it takes is creative taglines that get people to click. The clicks create an audience, and the audience generates leads.

Our social media tool can schedule 100 posts in advance that drip systematically over 4-6 weeks on a schedule you create. You pick the properties from our database you want to advertise and provide keywords, taglines, #hashtags, and website landing pages. Our system will merge everything together including a primary photo, and post using a social media app called Buffer. (Buffer is only $15 per month and I recommend it to everyone. Managing your social media without it is a hassle.)

Letting your social media go stale because you don't have time to manage it will negatively affect your SEO. Our social media poster keeps your content fresh without you having to lift a finger.

100 Social Media Posts In 30 Seconds Video