Frequently Asked Questions

Map Installation Questions

How do I install the map on my website?

We provide written and video instructions for you to create a page on your website and copy/paste the code. OR you can give us administrative access to your website and one of our staff will install it for you.

*The Apartment IDX map can be installed on any website. (WordPress, Wix, Squarespace,, and any other platform)

Can I customize the map?

Yes. We've created some popular options to use your logo and your branding. However, we might be able to accommodate custom requests.

How do I create a username and password?

You control all of your Apartment IDX products with a username and password at After purchase one of our staff will email a confirmation with instructions to create your password.

Will the map increase my SEO?

The map will keep your website visitors on your website longer. This will increase the "Average Time Spent On Site" metric which will increase your overall SEO. For maximum results, you should write 500-1000 words of unique content on the same page as your map so Google will index it. Within 3 months your map should become one of the highest ranked pages on your website.

How do I drive traffic to my Apartment IDX map?

Driving traffic to your site is collectively called marketing. The key to successful marketing is creating an audience. The most popular forms of marketing are paid Ads through Google AdWords, Facebook boosted posts & ads, Instagram promoted ads, email marketing, and digital ads on other apartment/renter related websites. Ask yourself where to renters spend their time online, and figure out how to place a digital ad there.


Is there a set up fee?

Not usually. If you purchase an Apartment IDX map for one of our existing markets, there is no set up fee. It's a monthly subscription that can be cancelled at any time. If you need a map in a new area, we may quote you a set up fee.

Do you offer a discount for multiple Apartment IDX Maps?

Yes. We offer a 10% discount.

How Is The Map Updated

How many apartments are on the map?

We add every apartment in the database to the map. You will have a username and password to control your map so you can remove any apartment for any reason by logging in. Go to our Demo page to see the apartment count for each city.

How is the rent updated on the Apartment IDX Map?

We purchase data feeds that are updated electronically every night, 7 days a week.

How often is the rent updated?

Every night at midnight.

Data Feed Questions

How do I import the data feed into my WordPress website?
How much does the data feed cost?
Will your staff install the data feed on my website?
What format is the data feed?
Do you offer any other format of raw data?

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We've been passionate about building technology and apartment databases for apartment locators since 2005. We are honored to have worked with some of the most successful apartment locating brands during the past 15 years.

Apartment World
Apartment World

To say that Rental Advisors and Jodi Southwick are the ``wind beneath my wings`` sounds corny, but it is pretty darn accurate. I do what I do extremely well (finding people rentals in the greater Houston area), but I am not really an internet guru or social media marketing expert. Jodi is both of those things, and so much more. I would say that easily 1/3 of my annual revenue can be traced back to Jodi Southwick. She is the secret ingredient in my my business recipe!

Tirey Counts - Apartment World
Apartment Leasing Center
Apartment Leasing Center

Jodi is highly respected in her industry and shows sincere interest in her clients. She recognizes the strengths and weakness of her clients and reaches out to help them to initiate creative ideas and to also think 'outside the box'. Jodi is very clever and imaginative and she is always experimenting with new programs to help her continue to grow and improve so she can help her clients to do the same. She excels at developing programs and websites and is skilled at turning problems into opportunities. Jodi and I have an effective working relationship and I would recommend her service to anyone. She is a wonderful person with a caring attitude.

Kathi Bell - Apartment Leasing Center
David The Locator
David The Locator

Jodi is the consummate professional and an expert in her filed of knowledge and service. She is focused and gets great results and I am truly blessed to know her and to be able to benefit from her expertise.

David Moore - David The Locator
DASH Realty
DASH Realty

I've been working with Rental Advisors since 2017 and Jodi has recreated my apartment locating brand into a sophisticated luxury website in Dallas. I constantly get compliments about the richness of my website, and how it represents my brand accurately. I am not a tech savvy person and working with Jodi I don't need to be. She runs everything in the background and sends me status reports as needed. When I hired her I had a single landing page, now I have an online lead funnel that generates leads.

Thomas Edwin - DASH Realty
Griffin Realty & Associates - Griffin Apartment Locating
Griffin Realty & Associates - Griffin Apartment Locating

Jodi is one of the most innovative and creative minds in the apartment industry. She works hard to not only make my business work effectively and efficiently, but others in our industry just like myself too. Her attention to details are awesome and effective. She will take the time time to go over the best ways to make changes that will affect not only my business, but the apartment industry as well. She is trustworthy, committed and does what She says she is going to do. She is a real superstar...and I'm glad she's on my team.

Keith Griffin -Griffin Realty & Associates - Griffin Apartment Locating