Listanza is a listing syndication company that generates online rental leads for you. The easiest way to generate online leads is to post listings on national apartment websites. This is a free marketing opportunity for the apartment because they aren’t paying up front for the marketing, and it makes you the contact person for the renter.

Each listing includes your real estate license number and states clearly you are a real estate agent and not the leasing office. Like any lead, after you nurture the lead and they agree to work with you, you can supply them with a list of qualified apartment communities that meet their needs.

The lead nurturing process will be very important since you do not have an existing relationship. We strongly recommend you use a robust CRM that includes a combination of automated emails, text messages, and task creation so the initial lead nurturing process can be fully automated. After the prospect/lead responds to one of your call to action request, it now becomes a warm lead and should receive more of your attention. Manually calling, texting, and emailing online leads will become a full time job without automation.

We have researched the following robust CRM’s and confirmed they integrate with our Apartment IDX. (You can use our basic CRM but be aware it only offers automated emails.)

Remember, lead nurturing is about creating value by telling the lead/prospect something they don’t already know about the process. Every lead will not become a client, so try to automate as much of the initial contact as possible with valuable information. After they respond to one of your calls to action, then you can get more personally involved.

Pick properties from your MLS Apartment Database and post at listings on Listanza:

  • Login to your Apartment IDX account.
  • Click “Listanza”
  • Click “Edit”
  • Use the filtered columns to pick the properties you want to post to Listanza.
  • Click “Save” to add these properties and refresh the page. Repeat this process until you’ve reached the total number of properties you want to post to Listanza.
  • When complete, click “Back” and you will see your completed number of properties.
  • Click “Settings” and make sure the email, phone, real estate license number and tagline are correct. Also make sure your CRM credentials are correct so we can connect your CRM.