One Bedroom Demo
Daily Rent Displayed

Each map point shows the starting rent for a one bedroom apartment at each apartment community. Renters can zoom in and zoom out and see exactly how much rent they can expect to pay in each neighborhood. They can locate their work or school on the map and search for properties close by. If they prefer a specific commute to work, they can search for apartments along their desired route. If a desired area is too expensive for their budget, they can easily scroll the map to an alternate neighborhood that is more affordable.

How Often Is The Rent Updated?

The Apartment IDX is updated electronically during the night. Unfortunately rental rates are not published as efficiently as hotel prices or airline prices, so it's a fairly complex process to update our database. Luckily, data is what our company does best. We unify all of our data sources into a single data feed and pump the information directly to your custom map.

Does The Map Increase SEO?

Yes, but not in the form of content. The map is installed on your website with an iFrame, which is tech speak for a small piece of code you copy and paste onto a page. We did it this way intentionally because we wanted the map to be easy to install and compatible with any website. However, Google does not index data on your website that comes from an iFrame. The Apartment IDX is one tool in your SEO tool box. It will dramatically increase the average time spent on your website. The average increase was from 3 minutes to 12 minutes. This is an important matrix to Google Analytics. Most importantly, it engages renters who visit your website, and communicates credibility in your service by giving them the information they want fast. If a renter is looking for an apartment but your website doesn't display searchable apartments, they aren't going to convert to a lead. It's that simple.

How Can I Improve SEO On My Website?

Add new and unique content to your website every month. The Apartment IDX will add value to your website instantly because your website visitors will LOVE it! Similar to a new product launch for a tech company, or a new model for a car company, announcing your new search tool to your email database and social media followers will generate new traffic. Launching a drip email campaign to previous clients about the Apartment IDX and asking for referrals will generate new leads. Your email database combined with the power of your website, is your biggest revenue generating asset. Spend 4 hours every week adding new content and tools to your website then drip that new content to your email database consistently, and you will improve SEO. GUARANTEED! (And it's free!)

Apartment Name Is Hidden

It's a secret, and only you know the answer. We have removed the name and address of the apartment community. We've also removed the Google points of interest from the map so your website visitors don't see cross streets or landmarks. The only way they can get more information about each property, is to fill out the lead capture form. After the lead capture form is filled out, you receive an email with their details and the name of the property, address, and rent so you will know exactly which properties they are asking about. Most website visitors ask about more than one property so you get a really good idea of the area they are searching.

Why Three Maps Instead of One?

To deliver exactly what your website visitors want. We conducted a survey with approximately 6,000 renters and determined when searching for a two bedroom apartment, they don't want to see one bedroom pricing or starting at prices like every other rental website. They want to search and compare rent in only the floor plan type they need, and no other tool was solving that problem. Developing a website tool requires user friendliness on every device. Our three map concept is so simple for all users, and has the added benefit of better tracking and reporting. You can track leads better with a report that provides a break down of leads per floor plan type and spend marketing dollars attracting more of those clients. Showing your website visitors the exact information they are looking for in the shortest amount of time is the key to lead conversion.