Real Time Apartment Listings For $249/month

Publish apartment listings on your website that match your professional brand and attract top producing clients.

Unlimited Apartment Listings

Identify the apartment communities that match your brand. Publish those listings on your website with real time pricing. Organize them on your website by neighborhood, then promote those neighborhoods on your social media channels. Every page of your website should have a lead capture form.

Every Touch Is A Brand Extension

When we install the Apartment IDX on to your website, we will customize it exclusively to your brand. You choose which apartment listings to publish. We can customize the reports that are emailed to your clients. We can customize the data displayed on your listings. Every new lead receives a custom instant email message from your website. Every touch with your website is an extension of your unique brand.

Create VIP Clients

When someone arrives at your website, show them apartment listings that match your brand and communicate the type of client you are looking for. One option is organize them in desirable neighborhoods. Another option is create an area exclusively for high rise or mid rise properties. A third option is create a space for penthouse units with an online appointment calendar. Everyone wants to be a VIP.

Guaranteed Pricing

Every touch with a potential client should build their loyalty to your brand. Every email, text message, and list should be professional with accurate pricing. Archaic reports and inaccurate information defeat your brand and drive clients away. Our pricing matches what is displayed on the website at the community within a few dollars.

Publish On Rental Websites

Publish your apartment listings on third party rental websites through RentLinx or any other third party listing syndication service. After you purchase our apartment listings, you can publish them on your website (or any other website).

Marketing Campaigns

Create marketing campaigns to attract renters that match your brand. Promote your favorite properties on your social media channels and monthly email campaigns. Set up campaigns in Buffer to run automatically and promote your active listings, or celebrate your closed listings. New clients will be attracted to your success.

*There is a one-time set up fee of $499.