Apartment IDX

Apartment Locating Lead Generation


6 Locator Marketing Tools For $249/month

$249 set up fee + $249 a month

One Time Set Up Fee of $249
Every apartment locator gets their own custom copy of the apartment database, Apartment IDX map, eBrochure, email auto responder, and social media tool.

  • Create a custom copy of the apartment database and link it to your Apartment IDX map.
  • Create your lead capture forms that will notify you of each lead.
  • Create the auto-responder email and eBrochure linked to your email address.
  • 30 minute training session so you know how to use all of the products.

Optional Set Up Fee To Use the WordPress Data Feed

The WordPress Data Feed requires several hours of development time to make sure it works correctly with your website. There is an additional one time fee of $750 when/if you are going to import the feed to your website. We will work with your website designer to implement the feed in case they have questions. If you need our staff to implement the feed in the absence of a website designer, we will prepare a quote for the number of hours needed.

Additional Markets and Website License

This price is valid for one market on one website. If you wish to purchase more than one market or need to publish the Apartment IDX map on multiple websites, we offer a 50% discount on the set up fee and monthly service.

Social Media Tool

Our social media tool can schedule 100 posts that drip systematically without you having to lift a finger. Social signals are important for SEO. It's like sending a text directly to Google about your website. Letting your pages go stale will negatively impact your traffic and leads. Our team will help create social media posts using your own #hashtags and website landing pages. This tool was custom coded by Jodi Southwick and is only available to our locator clients.


Our auto-responder was created to get information into the hands of your website visitors instantly! As soon as they fill out a contact form, they receive an email from you (not us - less spam) with a custom eBrochure you create. The photos and pricing are supplied by your custom apartment database. All of the marketing materials included in your IDX are mobile responsive and won't go to spam.

Admin Search Map

The Apartment IDX comes with an admin map on the back end.  You can blacklist properties, and tag properties in a variety of ways. Your custom apartment database offers basic search functions so you can control the properties displayed on the front end to your website visitors. You can create a basic list and share it with others.

Apartment IDX

Renters are 70% more likely to submit their contact info when you provide valuable information for free. Massive lead generators like Apartments.com provide free search tools, and now you can too. The Apartment IDX is the easiest way to provide a free search tool on your website and capture leads. The identity of each apartment has been removed.

WordPress Data Feed

Includes every apartment in your city with over 100 fields of information. Our data is updated daily with electronic data feeds. The WordPress data feed can populate any theme,with an unlimited amount of customization's. The data feed is not limited to WordPress, it can be imported to any website with import functionality. You can control the list of apartments in the feed by location, price, or any other criteria.

RentLinx Data Feed

RentLinx.com is an online lead generation service that will publish your rental listings to multiple rental websites. Without a data feed you will have to manually enter each listing, photos, and keep the pricing updated at least weekly or your listings go stale and stop producing leads. Our data feed can populate your listings the same day. Our dashbaord allows you to choose apartments by name, price, or any other criteria.


The iFrame is simple to copy and paste but we will work with your website developer or webmaster to install it. If you do not have a webmaster, our staff will provide 30 minutes of free development work to help install it. In most cases 30 minutes is plenty of time, but in rare cases additional hours are billed at $50 per hour. We will get your approval if additional hours are needed.


The number of leads generated by your Apartment IDX will depend on your marketing campaign. If your average commission is $500, you only have to close one deal a month and it pays for itself. You shouldn't invest in any tool that isn't going to make 3 to 4 times your money back. On average our clients close 8-10 leases a month.