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Apartment IDX WordPress Theme

Apartment IDX WordPress Theme

WordPress has hundreds of real estate themes for homes, but none of them are built for the unique needs of apartment locators. In response to our clients, we customized a theme exclusively for apartment locators to save our clients months of development time. Our Apartment IDX WordPress theme is only available to our clients, you cannot buy it on WordPress.com.

This package is perfect for individual locators who want to invest in their online presence, but need to spread the financial investment over time. We can launch your website with the most critical elements like lead capture forms and searchable apartment database. Then create a timeline to add more apartments and unique content over time, while publishing to your social media channels.

Timing Is Everything - Launch For The Busy Season

The keywords "apartments for rent" are typed into the Google search bar more often during March - September. Families who need to move when school is out in May, start researching in March. Moving during the summer is easier so there is an organic increase in search traffic during those months.

After completing our short website planning guide, you will have an apartment locating website to promote to friends, family, past clients, and new clients within a few weeks.  Our homework assignments will guide you through the process of selecting a domain all the way through writing social media taglines.

This package includes up to 30 pages of content and apartment listings. (The average locating website has less than 10 pages.)

      • We will help you design a custom home page, add content, and call to action steps to your searchable apartment database.
      • Lead capture forms included on every page.
      • Email autoresponder connected to every lead capture form.
      • One bedroom, two bedroom, and three bedroom IDX floor plan maps with real time pricing displayed. Each map dot has a lead capture form and the name of the property has been removed so your website visitors can't reach out to the apartment directly.
      • Choose up to 25 apartments listings from our database to feature on your website. Our data feed will create the listings and populate the images. These landing pages are the most important part of your website as they become links for your social media posts.


  • You own the website, you will never have to "re-build" it. The Apartment IDX theme comes with a lot of features you can unlock over time, and WordPress has an infinite number of plug-ins. If you decide to cancel your IDX at some point in the future, you can leave it on our server or I will move it to another host for free. We don't hold your website hostage like online website builders.


  • As an Apartment IDX client we will host your mobile responsive website on our server with an SSL certificate for free, a $300 per year value over GoDaddy.

Tools To Drive Website Traffic

The Apartment IDX and the automation behind it is an active part of your daily routine. It engages with your prospects and clients. It nurtures them from first contact to repeat client. It should ask for referrals regularly and continue to build brand awareness after the lease is signed. Your website is your business partner and virtual assistant.

Our team will take care of the IT side of your website. Our marketing tools work seamlessly with your website to attract and convert leads. We've created regular homework assignments to help you stay on track and keep your website from becoming stale. (Google doesn't like stale)

  • Automated Email: Every prospect who fills out a lead capture form receives your custom email autoresponder and drip marketing campaign the first seven days.
  • Lead CRM: Every lead that comes through your website and lead capture forms are tracked in your CRM. When these leads are added to a long term drip marketing campaign like MailChimp, they turn into repeat and referral clients. Email marketing is one of the cheapest advertising sources with the highest profit margins. It's free advertising!
  • Social Media Posts: Our social media poster can schedule up to 100 social media posts in advance. Our guide will help you create keywords and hashtags that link back to your website landing pages.
  • Blog Content: Some would argue writing blog posts that resonate with your audience is the best way to build SEO because the content lives forever. Of all the locating websites I've researched, few take advantage of this incredibly powerful trick to build SEO. (Google loves blogs). We provide our clients with a fun blog writing strategy, with content samples, and Google keyword research.

$999 Website Design + $249 Per Month

for a limited time

The website design fee includes your custom home page, lead capture forms, three Apartment IDX maps, and our data feed for 25 apartment listings. Includes a one hour consulting call, our apartment locating business plan, and website planning guide. The monthly maintenance fee includes the use of all five marketing tools, two hours of social media or IT assistance, daily pricing to maps, weekly updates to apartment listings, and monthly homework assignments to build SEO. You can cancel the Apartment IDX at any time, but you still own the website.